A Volleyball Tournament

My sister plays volleyball and I sometimes come along.  When I do come along I meticulously pack my backpack, with all the essentials to keep me entertained!  I’m going to do a what’s in my backpack along with all the highlights of the game.  Come along in the life of a volleyball family!

Okay, this is a little peek in my backpack.  First, I will tell you about my super functional backpack.  My backpack is a Pottery Barn Teen Classic Backpack in navy cheetah, with so many glorious compartments with padded tech pockets.  What I put in my glorious compartments are my computer, binder, phone, tablet, blanket, snacks, and earbuds.

The reason why I bring lots of electronics is to keep me busy during this very long day.  Also, I can do some homework while I’m gone.  The case for my tablet is a Kate Spade case.  My tablet case is the cutest ever, since it has stripes.  Like I say, stripes are a girl’s best friend!

I bring a binder to start on some homework or draw on paper during the game.  Within my binder is an assortment of stationary goodies, like fun pencils with matching erasers, colored pencils, lots of lined and blank paper, and my homework. My binder matches my backpack and has nifty compartments too!  My binder is a Pottery Barn Classic Binder in navy/blue color block.

As for my blanket, well it probably takes the cake for the softest blanket on the planet!  My blanket is a Tahari Home blanket in vanilla cream ivory.  I sleep with it and take it everywhere.  It’s a big bummer when my mom washes it because I can’t cuddle with it for two whole days.  This blanket is faux fur, so no animals were harmed in the making!

For volleyball tournaments we have to wake up at 5:00am, not very pleasant.  So I try to grab a quick bite to eat before racing out the door.  It usually ends up that my breakfast is eaten in the car, along with snacks I brought.  Snacks usually include an organic banana, pretzels, and a bar.  When I get to the volleyball tournament there is an acaí superfoods stand that I always go to.

Other than a what’s in my bag, I promised you a snippet of highlights from the long day.  All the girls on the team worked very hard and served great.  My little sister missed some serves but kept a great face and made excellent moves.IMG_3420


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