Rainy Day, Blog Day

Today is an unusual rainy day in Southern California.  I enjoy staying bundled up, indoors, and drinking tea on these rainy days.  Since I started my blog, I will now do a weather idea category, so you guys can learn how to beat the heat, stay toasty, or just learn how to enjoy the weather.

For the rainy day in the weather category, I like to be comfy when doing my homework or doing a craft.  I prefer to lay out a huge comfortable blanket on my carpet.  My big fluffy Pottery Barn Teen bean bag gives me a warm, soft, and squishy chair.  I enjoy having a nice cup of herbal tea, which has no caffeine.

Some fun activities to do in the rain are; A. Jump in puddles, B. Dance in the rain, C. Make a fort in the yard with umbrellas and towels, D. Stay inside and play boardgames, E. Make jewelry with beads, F. Sew lots of fluffy warm things to cuddle with on rainy days, G. Online Shop, H. Read a fun, relaxing, not school related book, I. Create a warmth fort in your home, J. Do some yoga, K. Take lots of cool selfies or artsy pictures in the rain, L. Paint pretty rain inspired pictures, M. Bake, cook, and/or create something delicious in the kitchen.

I prefer M because it is the first letter of my name and baking is a hobby of mine.

Here are some pictures of a few of the activities, and my adorable puppy Brody, I also showed a few pictures of my comfy and soft space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took 30 photos of me hanging from my tree, I love taking photos from that tree.

My yoga block is so special because it is a natural cork yoga block from Hugger Mugger.

Shop my comfy space at Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Teen!

A cute sewing project for a rainy day: Rainy Day Mobile


Blue felts

White felt


Needle and Thread

Black Felt Marker

Hot Glue



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