My Dream Spot

OK guys!  How many of you wish at 7:00 A.M., when you get up that you could just go back to your warm cozy bed?  I know I do! Especially on a day packed full of classes.  When we go to sleep we all want a bed chock full of soft blankets, pretty patterns, and a gorgeous headboard.  I am going to show you where I dream every night and how I sleep in absolute comfort!!

My Bed:

I just recently got a new headboard with an attached bed frame surrounding my memory foam mattress!  My bed is a natural fiber headboard from around the world at World Market.  My bed is no longer online but here is one inspired by it. I found this image online of my bed.  I bet it could be found on eBay.  It is the Ninda upholstered bed.


To go on top of my luxurious bed, I have multiple layers!!!  For one I have my Kate Spade bedding.  It is grass green and so beautiful.  It makes my walls pop!!!  My walls are a pretty pink color from Benjamin-Moore.  The bedding is soft and comfortable to curl up underneath!


With every great comforter you need beautiful pillows!  I have a fluffy Cloud Quilt from Pottery Barn but sadly it is unavailable anymore.  But you can find inspiration from the link I provided!! I have two Cloud ruched shams and the quilt with softens up the bold green stripes.


I also am in love with soft fur blankets!  So I opted for a gorgeous luxury fur throw from Pottery Barn!  It has the feeling of being cuddled up with a fluffy puppy; believe me I have the experience.  Shop the look! It is worth it!!


To top off the comfort I have a luxurious sleep number bed that lets you sink into the ultimate comfort!  Here is the final image!

P.S. Lovelies, the quilt is not pictured due to it being at the dry-cleaners! Sorry!





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