BareMinerals Haul Time!!

Hey lovelies!  I made a very large purchase a week ago at BareMinerals and I want to share with you my favorite items I received.  I hope that you will enjoy!  Also if you would like some of the splendid items I got, make sure to check out my promo code at the bottom of this post!!

I love smelling candles and listening to music while opening packages! It helps me realize how lucky I am!

1. My all time favorite product I received from BareMinerals that I cannot stop using and obsessing over is the Original Foundation with SPF 15 in Medium Beige because I am always in the sun but sunscreen with makeup does not work!  This is the most light weight powder foundation ever, plus it moisturizes your skin!

This stuff is the bomb! I mean it!

2. I also am in love with the Mineral Veil Finishing Powder that has an SPF of 25 which protects your face from the harmful and detrimental rays of the sun.  I will never go back to the Clinique mineralizer that I used to use because that always made my face breakout and become very itchy.  This Mineral Veil soothes my skin and does not separate throughout the day with oily skin.  I am so pleased that I selected this item for my Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit !

P.S. My phone case is the Top Banana Phone Case from Kate Spade!

3. Concealer is one thing that I totally dislike on my face.  It cakes up and makes you look like you put way to much makeup on.  In order to get the Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit I needed to select a type of concealer.  I was not to thrilled but I did anyway and I am in love with it!!!  It puts the right amount of coverage on! It is the Correcting Concealer in Light 2 which also contains more SPF in a quantity of 20!!!!  I know now that my face will never get red from the sun with BareMinerals on ever.  I apply it with my Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush !

It is a small package that is packed with all day power!

4. Last but most definitely not least the Precision Face Brush and just to let you know the bristles are the softest ones you will ever find on planet earth.  They are just as soft as a new puppy’s fur!!  This brush applies foundation and finishing powders like a charm!  I totally recommend this brush if you love love love medium to full coverage like me!


The Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit was purchased for $90 and I will show you how great of a deal it was!

Flawless Application Brush: $22

Maximum Coverage Concealer: $20

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder: $22

Prime Time Foundation Primer: $25

Original Foundation: $28.50

Blemish Ready Foundation Primer: $25

Correcting Concealer: $21

Precision Face Brush: $28

Which all totals to be: $191.50 all of which I purchased for $106 with tax!


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