Friday Faves

Hey Lovelies!  I am going to start a new category which is called Friday Faves!  I know I am a day late but I hope that doesn’t effect this joyous category!!!

1. Evian Mineral Water Spray is my top pick this week because there has been a recent heat wave in Southern California and this spray is a life saver!!  Yes it is just water but this water moisturizes and soothes chapped and chaffed skin with the qualities of minerals!  I love it because I love hydrated silky skin.  Plus it helps your makeup to stay on!!!


2. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is my all time favorite moisturizer with gel technology to boost your radiance and get rid of all the dry skin during fall.  I will never go back to Neutrogena oil free moisture do to the fact that it never totally diminished my dry and chapped skin.  I love this stuff because of the luxuriously silky smooth texture I get after!!


3. Coconut La Croix is my very favorite drink in the whole wide world!  I drink it everyday while I do my homework.  It is refreshing and very tasty if I must say so myself!  I have never had a coconut drink that I didn’t like but this just raised the coconut bar a little higher!  I hope your local grocery store has this flavor so you can try it over and over again!!!

4.  You could say I am going bananas right now!  I currently am in love with everything banana!  I have a banana phone case, purse, shirt, pillow, and much more!  This fave is not really a thing but an obsession!!  I mean who buys a 3D banana phone case, ME! Here are a couple snapshots!!!

Image result for kate spade top banana phone casethat's bananas tee by kate spade new york

That’s it for my Friday Faves hope you enjoyed!  P.S. Lovelies, shop my shirt and phone case at Kate Spade!!  I hope your week was lovely.



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