Friday Faves: Winter Essentials

Hi lovelies!  I haven’t done a Friday Fave in soooo long but here it is for those of you who just love to see what is in my lifestyle everyday!  The theme is winter essentials.  I will be talking about products that will help you survive in the winter.

1. ORG Skincare Mineral Peel Face:

This is the most helpful peel I own!  It helps remove all the dry and dead skin the winter weather has kindly kept on your face for a very long time (even with regular face scrubbing).  I use it every morning and night to prep my skin for makeup and remove my day away.  I received it in my FabFitFun winter 2016 box and I am so thankful I did!


2. Acure Lip Lush:

You pretty much haven’t heard of this brand before now I am guessing.  However, this is the most life changing lip gloss ever.  It has sheer dark color which makes your lips pop with a shimmery blush.  I received this in my November Rifle Paper Co. Birchbox (a secret add on box for new subscribers).  This moisturizes my lips while keeping them so pretty and perfect.  It has the illusion of lip plumper without the pain.


3. Naobay Mattifying Cream:

This stuff is the bomb.  But first you must know that the dry weather winter burdens on us each year actually helps our skin produce loads of excess oils to keep up with the dryness.  It is such a pain but I learn to deal with this mattifying cream.  After rubbing into skin like a moisturizer it instantly absorbs your excess oils!  Boom, a product everyone can enjoy!

imagen_0.64773200 1438594989.jpg

4. Anderson Lilley Sicilian Tangerine Beach Butter Body Cream:

This is yet another product I received in my FabFitFun winter 2016 box.  I put it on my arms and legs and feet every night and wake up to soft wonderfully scented skin.  This cures all my dry skin problems and keeps me fresh with a wonderful scent of Sicilian Tangerines = heaven on earth.



Sorry for the short list, but these are my only essentials to a healthy winter!


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