Valentine’s Day Fun

Hey lovelies!  I haven’t posted in sooooo long!  I apologize and am working on posting more but tennis practice has become very long and extensive.  So please bear with me!  Today I will be talking about what I did and got yesterday; aka V-Day!

What I did!

I went to school which we all know is not exciting so continuing on!  Oh one sec, at school this boy asked me out and I ended up saying no so, I could have had a Valentine but I didn’t.  #SingleAsAPringle

I then went home and opened a present from my Mom and Daddy!!!!!

We continued the day by test driving cars, for my mom!  But shhhhhhh!  It is a secret.

We all as a fam went to Thai Society in Encinitas, CA which is the best restaurant ever.  As a vegetarian I absolutely adore their Coconut Crusted Tofu! #Indulge #MyValentine #MyDate

What I got!

My mom and dad gave me a beautiful card with a wonderful message!  I opened my present which contained Gel Nail Polish!  Chapstick! (Which I totally need thx to this weird dry weather) Bath Bombs!  CHOCOLATE!

So yeah, this year V-Day 2k17 was perfect and beautiful!

Comment down below if you want pics!


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